Coaching through Naba Libya's network of professional coaches is your passport to effectively crossing through the borders that can often block you or your company, organization or institution from achieving your overall goals and objectives. 

Our primary geographic focus is on Libya, whether that be with foreign businesses wanting to do business in Libya, or with Libyan leaders in business, education or government wanting to do business or training or consulting with foreign business partners or trainers.  

Our passion is coaching leaders to produce accelerated growth and change, both personally and professionally. Based on proven coaching methods and grounded in years of real-world leadership experience, this leadership coaching process identifies key objectives, aligns executives and entrepreneurs with strategic priorities and provides follow through to get the job done. The coaching approach has been shown to consistently yield increased performance, job satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Coaching works by focusing on your true needs, realities and aims. The process draws out your most important objectives, then provides a creative environment that pushes you beyond the obstacles to design options and actions that meet your biggest challenges. The relationship with your coach is a safe, encouraging environment that also provides positive challenge, truthful feedback and outside perspective on plans and performance. With that kind of support, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

The Coaching Solution

Coaching is a great fit for executives, managers or entrepreneurs who:

  • Are not performing at an optimum level or growing toward their potential, and who want more
  • Are in stress-inducing or high-risk situations, such as career transitions, assuming new responsibilities or launching new endeavors
  • Want to move to a new level of leadership skills or effectiveness
    Want to improve their interpersonal, communication or team-building skills
  • Desire a confidential relationship with a personal advocate who can help them achieve important goals
  • Want to grow their companies or start new businesses
  • Need a safe, empowering place to work on personal issues that negatively impact their work performance.

Make It Happen

What are the top three changes (personal or organizational) that you want to make in the next year? What would it be worth to you if those changes actually happened—and what would it cost you if they didn’t? Change is costly, but then so is sitting still. A coach may be just what you need to propel you into the future you really want. 

Contact us today and we'll talk about what you want to accomplish and how coaching could help take you there.