Leadership is about change, change inspired by a clear vision. Today, most organizations achieve change through management and improvement of their processes. This sort of change is useful, but never prepares an organization to confront increasingly volatile organizations, markets and politics. Naba Libya uses the ACT (Assess, Challenge, Train) process developed among emerging leaders in China over the past 10 years that proved to assist leaders in fluid cultural and competitive situations, pinpoint, experience, and implement the changes needed to move into the future.

  • Assess: Organizations are as different as individuals. They have a collective vision whether it is expressed or not. Experienced Naba Libya consultants will first understand and help you articulate your vision and then observe how your organization is accomplishing that using a variety of tools to pinpoint and prioritize areas that are holding you back
  • Challenge: After areas of change are identified, your team will need to become ‘owners and agents’ of those changes with your leadership team. Otherwise, the inertia of continuing to do what they have always done will be too great. Naba Libya consultants will challenge your team through specific hands-on activities so that they experience the change.
  • Train: Once your team experiences the benefit of a change, they will often need individualized follow-up training or coaching in order to become most effective. Naba Libya consultants can provide or recommend the training or coaching needed to help implement the change.

The ACT process is time efficient, cost effective, and most of all provides a specific and practical impetus to move your team to a higher level of achieving your goals.