Language learning expands your ability to interact in a changing world. Our team of native and qualified language instructors will help you learn English or Italian for business, travel, and everyday needs. Available in conversation groups or private lessons. Whatever your company's specific English or Italian language needs, contact us today to discuss what solution would work best for you.

English Conversation Groups

One of the greatest challenges to learning a foreign language is speaking and communicating clearly. Learning a foreign language in a land where the language is not readily spoken does not provide many opportunities for practicing and growing your verbal communication skills. English Conversation Groups are offered for this specific purpose. We want to provide an environment where you are able to expand your ability and grow in confidence to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly with other English speakers. Facilitated by a native English speaker, sessions will focus on business, leadership, and self-development topics. You will expand your vocabulary and review key grammar usage. Most of all, you will improve as you practice speaking English with your peers and through public speaking opportunities.

Would you like to be part of a growing community of confident English speakers? Sign up today to join an English Conversation Group.

Italian Language Courses

Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world. It is spoken by nearly 70 million people in 30 different countries. People from all over the world are learning and studying Italian and its culture and ways of living.

Take part in our Italian language services. We offer different Italian language programs from intensive beginner courses to tailor-made private lessons. No matter your Italian language goal, Naba Libya wants to help you to reach it quickly through modern teaching methods with the support of native Italian teachers.

If you or your company has a need to speak and communicate in Italian, contact us today to discuss what course would be best for you.