Global Experts in Human Resource Development

Assalam Alaykum,

It is an honor for me to present to you Naba Libya and its services. Naba Libya was formed as a 100% Libyan owned LLC to bring global expertise in Human Resource Development to Libya. God put Naba Libya in my heart as a way to help our country through bringing in world-class training, coaching and consulting to help develop Libya's most valuable resource - the Libyan people.

The name Naba Libya ( نبع ليبيا ) was chosen, because just as water brings life to the desert, so Naba Libya will bring long-lasting, self-sustaining change to the heart of the Libyan workplace.

Naba Libya has excellent consultants and trainers to achieve its vision. It also has a very broad contact internationally ready to come to help us fulfill our vision. We are very confident of our services that we provide to fulfill the needs among our country. We would be honored if you would add us to your list of approved service providers for your organization.


Abdunasser Essid, Founder and President